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    Notification of changes to enterprise registration information

  • Tuesday, 14:20 Ngày 26/09/2023

    AMS Technology Company is pleased to announce to shareholders, investors, customers, and partners about changing the Certificate of Business Registration of the company. 

    Business ID/Tax number: 0313980727, Date of issue: 21/09/2023, Place of issue: Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City

    Content changes as follows: 

    1. Change of the company name’s information: 

    1.1 Old information:

    AMS Construction Company Limited 

    1.2 New information:

    AMS Technology Company Limited 

    2. Change of phone number information: 

    2.1. Old Information:

         +84 28 3517 8279

    2.2. New information:

         +84 28 6292 9979

    Other information: The head office address, tax code, etc. of the business remain unchanged.

    • All commercial and payment invoices generated after 21st Sep, 2023 will automatically be in the name of AMS Technology Company Limited. This includes orders issued before the end of 20th Sep, 2023. If this will create export issues for you, please contact the international team and we will help to solve these issues.
    • All other terms and/or contents of the Contract/Agreement/Minutes will remain in full force and effect and remain unchanged.
    • This notice is the official document, it takes effect from 21st Sep, 2023 as an Appendix to the Contract/Agreement/Minutes without the need to sign any more Appendix of Contract/Agreement/Minutes. any other new version.
    • If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact our related department incharged or alternatively call our Hotline/ Phone number and we will be happy to assist. 

    We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this transition period and look forward to a continued successful partnership with you. 


    Company’s legal representative


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