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  • Thứ sáu, 14:58 Ngày 23/06/2023
  • Vietnamese law has specific and clear regulations on LABOR SAFETY in the 2015 law on labor hygiene and safety. Accordingly, labor safety is a solution to prevent and combat the effects of dangerous factors. to ensure that no injury or death occurs to people during the working process. 
    According to statistics from the Department of Labor Safety, Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, according to reports from 62/63 provinces and centrally-run cities, in the first 6 months of 2022 nationwide, there were 3,908 occupational accidents (an increase of 296 cases, corresponding to 8.19% compared to the first 6 months of 2021) causing 4,001 victims (an increase of 328 people, corresponding to 8.93% compared to the beginning of 2021) (including areas with labor relations and areas where workers work without a labor contract).
    So why, even though there are regulations and laws in place, is labor safety still a painful problem?

    We must mention two main basic reasons: Infrastructure, finance, and awareness of workers
    Serious investment in facilities in accordance with the requirements and safety standards of each industry is a difficult problem because it depends on finance, but at least that problem has a solution. 
    But most important and difficult is the safety awareness of employees as well as employers. Of course, in all cases and circumstances, the occurrence of safety incidents is not the desire of the subjects, so sanctions are only a forced measure. Therefore, the long-term and sustainable solution is to BUILD A SAFETY CULTURE IN THE WORKPLACE.

    How to build? 
    Every business should strengthen its legal department to provide authentic, essential regulations. 
    B1: Raising awareness of employers and employees is the first factor. To do this, the legal department or general administrative department should come up with essential rules that are close to the reality of their business. 
    B2: The second factor is to seriously strengthen your infrastructure, review the safety measures being applied in your business, check your safety devices to make sure they still work well, and promptly replace when damaged.  
    B3: Thirdly, the organization promotes the physical health of employees such as regular health check-ups, as well as taking care of the mental health of employees
    B4: Fourth is periodic safety training, updating safety regulations to raise awareness for both employees and employers.
    For all the above steps to become a culture, it is very difficult. But if you really care about people, we believe that workers will accompany the business.
    Labor safety has an extremely important role and significance not only for direct workers and employers but also affects the overall development of the economy and the entire society. In other words, when occupational safety and hygiene are effectively implemented, it contributes to promoting economic development and reducing the burden on society.
    For businesses, ensuring worker safety will help minimize costs caused by accidents. Not only that, from a macro perspective, occupational safety and hygiene are strictly and strictly implemented, contributing to creating trust and brand reputation among workers as well as the public for businesses. 
    On the other hand, workers are an important factor, a productive force that creates the general development of society. When occupational accidents are minimized, workers can always work with peace of mind. From there, the quality of life of workers is enhanced and family economic conditions improve. on a general level, promoting social development. 
    AMS always accompanies businesses, factories, and production facilities in prevention and providing safety solutions.
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